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Who’s doing the testing?

MyCrowd’s QA team is made up of tens of thousands of experienced, trained testers. We can test in any browsers, platforms, or devices you’d like us to. Fun Fact: MyCrowd Testers are based worldwide and can support testing in specific languages or countries.

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Can I set a total testing budget?

Absolutely. In the budgeting step, you’ll select Operating Systems, Devices and Browsers. Based on your selection, the budget will be set up. Minimum budget is $100.

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General (2)

How does MyCrowd work?

It’s simple: just start a test on MyCrowd.com. Tell us what you want tested, what devices and platforms you’d like us to test it on, and set your budget. Our community of QA testers will get to work, and you’ll get a detailed bug report that you can use to improve your customer experience.

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Do I really need QA testing?

Are you 100% confidant that every visitor — regardless of platform, device or browser — is having a perfect experience on your site or app? Do you thoroughly test each time you make changes or update a new version? If the answer is “no” to either of those questions, QA testing can mean the difference between a visitor abandoning your site because it doesn’t work on their device, and that same visitor becoming a customer because everything worked the way it was supposed to.

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Tester FAQs (10)

Getting Started with MyCrowd

MyCrowd is a big world. We have more than 12,000 testers from more than 40 countries around the world. Our customers come from nearly every continent…and we are still in Beta! Getting started can sometimes be confusing. So here are some instructions to help you: 1) Remember this is a Community of Testers. You are reliant on them and they are reliant on you. 2) You get out what you put in. 3) Everyone starts out as a beginner. What? But I am a professional tester! yes, and soon you will prove that to the community and your privileges will increase. Until then, there are some barriers you need to cross. 4) There are several ways to get value: Cash, Points and Reputation. 5) We are always trying to improve, so please tell us how we can do better.   – The MyCrowd Team

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How do I use TestFlight?

TestFlight is a service that Apple provides to test pre-release iOS apps. TestFlight is Apple’s beta testing service for iOS apps, and is accessible only through iTunes Connect. It is currently available for iOS 8.0 apps and above. TestFlight allows for beta testing with both internal and external users, and due to a Beta app review for the latter, ensures a much easier process in your final review when publishing to the App Store. We have created a dedicated page with details instructions here.

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How do I know what size a bug should be?

This is a challenging aspect of any QA test. We have written a whole page on how to size bugs and our philosophy behind it.   Check it out here.  

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How do I make money?

There are two ways to get paid: 1) Report a Result The first person to find a Bug or Validate a Test Script has the potential to earn cash for that result. But first, the result needs to be reviewed by the MyCrowd QA Community and then finally by the customer. You can view the other FAQ’s to learn how to improve your chance of making it through this process. Once your bug is approved by the customer your account will be credited with a cash amount. This amount depends on the type of bug and the type of test. Details of those can be found in other FAQ’s. You can choose to withdraw your cash as soon as it is available. MyCrowd supports PayPal and can pay testers in 240 countries. 2) Review a Result The Community Results page shows the list of reported results that need to be reviewed by the community. There is a $1.00 bounty for reviewing all results. The Result Review Bounty is split between the testers who form the consensus on verifying or flagging the result. Results that you Verify that are ultimately Verified by the community will result in your account being credited with a share of the Result Review Bounty. Results you Flag as incorrect that are Flagged by the community will also result in your account being credited a share of the Result Review Bounty.

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What are Community Results?

The MyCrowd QA Community prides itself on its quality testing. This means that every bug that is delivered to a customer has been reviewed by the community. The Community Results page is where those bugs are reviewed. It is the privilege and job of each community member to participate in reviewing each other’s work. You should ensure that every bug is worthy of being presented to the customer. Factors to review: – Can the bug be reproduced? – Is the bug a duplicate of an existing bug? – Is the bug on a “previously rejected” list? – Is the bug professionally written, no typos, no misspelling, perfect grammar, etc.   When you verify a bug, you are putting your own reputation on the line. But the benefit is that when the customer accepts the bug, you will get points- and those points can be used in different ways on MyCrowd, including being entered into our Giveaways!  

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What is Tester Reputation?

Tester reputation allows customers and the community know who are the best testers. It also controls what member of the community are permitted to do. The better your reputation, the more features are available to you and the more opportunities to make money you will have. A tester’s reputation consists of a set of calculated scores. Those scores control the testers permissions within MyCrowd and their ability to interact with tests and with other testers. Tester Reputation is impacted by the quality of bugs a tester reports, the quality of the bugs a tester votes to verify, and the invalid bugs a tester votes to flag. It is important for testers to take the time submit bug reports that are complete, well written, and easily understood. Likewise it is important for tester’s to vote accurately to ensure quality bugs are delivered to customers. The votes a tester submits are factored into their reputation.

Thanks for being a member of MyCrowd!

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Should I flag a bug that has misspelled words?

The short answer is yes.

The bug reports need to be as professional as possible to ensure high quality and that the customer will accept and pay for them. If you flag a bug for a typo or some other error that can be corrected please indicate that in the comment. The tester who reported the bug will see the comments and can resubmit after they fix the issue.

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When will my account be activated?

This depends on several factors. The first factor is when you registered. We always give priority for earlier registrants. Next, we give credit if you have referred another tester to the community. Finally, it is based on the devices you have registered. Each Bug Hunt that a customer starts has specific hardware requirements, and if these happen to match yours, it increases your chances of getting activated. Remember, MyCrowd QA is still in Beta and this means we are not yet at the full speed and volume of customers that we will achieve when fully launched. Until then, we ask for your patience and offer you to engage in our frequent Giveaways and to help verify the Community Bug List.

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My device doesn’t appear on the MyCrowd Device List

MyCrowd supports most devices. However, the focus is on devices that have the most market share. Also, customer choose which devices they want to test when they start a new Bug Hunt. Unfortunately, if you own a device that is not listed, you will not be able to use it for testing. But MyCrowd gives away devices frequently; so make sure you login to your account each week to be entered into our Giveaways and maybe you can win a popular device!

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Can I become a QA tester?

That depends. Are you ridiculously detail-oriented, tech-savvy and based in the US? If so, then yes! Our testers set their own hours and make money for every bug they find. To learn more about becoming a tester, click HERE.

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