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Testing by MyCrowd QA Community
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Price per Month : Free
Testing Hourly Rate : $35
Test Case Price per Step : $0.40
Testing by MyCrowd QA Community : Yes
Managed Testing : No
Dedicated Account Manager : No
Data Retention : 90 days
Concurrent Tests : 1
Additional Users : $5/month
API Access : Limited
Integrations: 2 free, Additional integrations $10/month


Price per Month : Starting at $2k
Testing Hourly Rate : As low as $28
Test Case Price per Step : As low as $0.24
Testing by MyCrowd QA Community : Yes
Managed Testing : Yes
Dedicated Account Manager : Yes
Data Retention : Unlimited
Concurrent Tests : Unlimited
Additional Users : Unlimited
API Access : Full
Integrations: Unlimited

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All Plans include the Following Test Types for both websites and mobile apps:

  • Functional Testing
  • Explorative Testing
  • Ad Hoc Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • UX/ UI Testing
  • Cross Browser Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • Test Cases run by the crowd
  • Regression Testing

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Mycrowd makes it easy to find bugs with the worlds simplest pricing plan.

What our Customers say:

“QA has been a problem at every company I’ve worked. MyCrowd is the solution for that. It lets us ramp up QA when we need it and it provides a sense of real user testing that standard QA often misses.” Gal Josefsberg

VP of Product Marketing and Management, Act-On

“MyCrowd QA will find your blind-spots. Scripted QA can only cover so much, but real users find real bugs. MyCrowd lets you economically ramp up real users, for both exploratory testing and scripted testing- vastly improving your coverage.” Geoffrey Smalling

CTO, 500 Friends

“MyCrowd has been a huge addition to our QA process. We now find bugs and issues faster and have unlimited flexibility in scaling testing up or down based on the projects we work on. This tool is a must have for any web developer or agency.” Brandon Ernst

Co-founder, Total Office Wellness

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